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Providing AC Repair Services To Centerville, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. Your home or office needs high quality—and highly reliable—air conditioning. Don’t just sit around until you feel the heat. Contact us for a comprehensive maintenance check, repair, or system upgrade now and ensure your space stays cool and comfortable, even when the temperature rises.

Air Conditioning Repair 

Air conditioner repair is one of those tasks that few Centerville, Ohio-area homeowners can handle themselves because of the experience and the equipment that is involved. Generally. Homeowners aren’t specialized enough, so a highly-trained technician is needed. 

 Also, handling of the refrigerant in a modern A/C system requires training. However, there are a few things that you can check before calling for service that might improve the performance of your central air conditioning and save you the cost of a service call (or at least keep your spouse off your back!)

  • If the compressor/fan doesn’t turn on, check the breaker at your home’s breaker box.
  • If the unit runs but doesn’t cold, the refrigerant could below. If that’s the case, you need a local service professional (you know whom to call).
  • Check around the condenser coil (the outside unit) for dirt and blockage by organic material on either side. A common problem in the Centerville area is tree pollen collecting in the fins of the compressor. If they are, gently brush and vacuum them. This is a good idea to perform at least twice a season.
  • If the A/C is performing inefficiently (partial cooling), check to make sure the condenser is clean; also check to see if the filter is clean.
  • Check for a water leak near the furnace; it could be a clogged drainpipe from the evaporator coil pan. Check the pipe and clear it if it is clogged.

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