Do Ceiling Fans Save You Any Money On Energy Bills?   

Sep 2, 2022 | AC, Blog, Ceiling Fan, Centerville, Cooling, Cooling Air, Do's and Don'ts, Energy Savings, HVAC, OH, Ohio, Summer

“Can the use of ceiling fans really save money on my energy bill?” is a question often asked by many homeowners. It’s a common AC myth that using a ceiling fan will automatically result in massive savings on your energy bill. But your service experts at Centerville Heating & Cooling believe it’s important to understand exactly how ceiling fans work. When you do this, it will enable you to efficiently maximize the advantages of using a ceiling fan.  

How Does a Ceiling Fan Function?  

Ceiling fans run on electricity and function by promoting the air’s circulation. They do not, however, exist to provide additional cooler air and reduce the room’s temperature. Ceiling fans create a calm, cool wind-chill effect by circulating the existing air, blowing it around the room, thus causing a soothing effect on the skin.   

Is It True That Ceiling Fans Save Money On Energy Bills?  

Ceiling fans have the potential to save you money on your power bill. However, even a small percentage of reduction may be measured in cents. This is due to the fact that the ceiling fan does not exist to lower overall temperatures but rather to promote greater air circulation, as previously stated. Ceiling fans are a wonderful addition to your home and offer many advantages, but unless you’re sitting in front of one, you’ll be wasting electricity (therefore money) by allowing it to run. Don’t let that discourage you from using your ceiling fans, though. Ceiling fans can be beneficial if used correctly. 

How Can You Utilize Your Ceiling Fan At Its Highest Capacity?   

  1. Raise the Thermostat Settings- When you use a ceiling fan in conjunction with your air conditioner, set the temperature on your thermostat to roughly five degrees above your normal temperature. Raising the temperature can help you save money on your energy bill by causing your cooling system to exert less energy. Plus, you won’t feel uncomfortable with the higher temperature due to being physically in the same room as the ceiling fan and experiencing the cool effect of the fan. 
  1. Utilize the Reverse Setting on Your Ceiling Fan During the winter- During the winter, you should change the direction of the fan’s rotation. Most ceiling fans have a button or setting to change the fan blades to turn to a clockwise motion. This setting will push the warm air downwards, which obviously is helpful in the wintertime.  
  1. Use an Energy-efficient Ceiling Fan- If you don’t already have ceiling fans in your house but are considering it, it’s a good idea to consider purchasing energy-efficient ones. Energy-efficient fans circulate air 60% more efficiently, according to experts. 
  1. Clean and Dust Your Ceiling Fans Often- Maintaining a regular practice of dusting your ceiling fans is recommended. When you switch the power on, you don’t want to be hit by a little storm of dust flurries. 
  1. Don’t Let the Ceiling Fan Run Without Somebody in the Room- We’d like to emphasize the need for only using your ceiling fans when someone is physically in the room. Otherwise, you’re just wasting electricity, and no one benefits from the circulated air. 

Ceiling fans are most efficient when used correctly. They may be beneficial tools in addition to your home’s air conditioning system. However, keep in mind that a ceiling fan won’t make much of a difference on your energy bill unless you use it indoors. So, yes, you can save money on your power bill; however, the savings will not be significantly large. 

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