Halloween Heating Tips for Homeowners

Oct 31, 2019 | Blog

Halloween is upon us, and something wicked this way comes – and it’s headed right for your home!

It’s the cold air that can find its way into your home and cause it to be devilishly drafty, causing your family a great discomfort. That discomfort can spread to your wallet too, in the form of high heating bills. Here are some tips from Centerville Heating & Cooling to help you keep your home warm this winter:

Have A Yearly HVAC Inspection And Cleaning

Before you begin using your furnace, have a professional cleaning and inspection performed on your HVAC system. Heater repair can be costly. A thorough inspection by a trained professional can pinpoint any issues that may be present that need attention so as not to become major, costly problems later. Air duct cleaning will ensure that no pollutants are lurking, waiting to hitch a ride into your home when the furnace is turned on.

Be Vigilant About Replacing Air Filters

A clean air filter is the first (and easiest) step in keeping your furnace working its best. Be sure to check the air filter at least once per month through the winter and replace it at least once during the season, more often if it becomes dirty. A clogged air filter will prevent the warm air from reaching the rooms in your home and worse, can cause serious damage to your heating and cooling system. Should the air filter become clogged with debris, your furnace will have to work harder to try to get the air to flow properly. This will overwork the motor and cause it to burn up. When this happens, furnace repair or replacement will be necessary. This is not something you want to deal with in the middle of winter. It is better – and far less costly – to replace the air filter as needed.

Keep Vents And Ducts Unobstructed And Clean

If the airways in your house are blocked by furniture, floor coverings, or drapes, the heat cannot flow properly into the rooms, meaning it cannot warm your home. Always keep these airways open and unobstructed. It is also a good idea to clean the gratings that cover them on a regular basis to eliminate any blockage and to remove dust and pollutants that can be picked up and circulated by the warm air.

Let Window Treatments Help Keep Your Home Warm

You can stop drafts from creeping in around your windows with insulated drapes and window shades. Both will keep the cold air out and the warm air inside. On days when the weather is more pleasant and mild the drapes and shades can be opened to allow the sunlight in to brighten the room as well as allow the heat from the sun to warm it.

Insulate Floors With Carpeting

Keep the cold that permeates your floors from spreading throughout the room and bringing a chill with carpeting. You can use heavy area rugs if you don’t want to install permanent carpeting. They can be taken up and stored away in the summer months if you wish, or they can remain all year long to decorate your home.

Smart Uses For Fireplaces And Space Heaters

Throughout the winter, allow your fireplace to do some of the heating work. On occasion build a warm, crackling fire and enjoy its comforting heat. This will give your furnace a bit of a break as well as providing you with the soothing, pleasant glow of a fire. Use space heaters in areas of your home that are not frequently used such as basements, attics, and guest rooms. Remember to shut the space heater off when you leave the area.

Reverse Ceiling Fans To Circulate Heat

Your ceiling fans can actually help to keep your home warm. Simply change the setting to reverse and the fan will distribute heat evenly throughout the room without cooling it down.

Don’t Heat Unused Rooms

If you have rooms or other areas in your house that are not used on a regular basis, close off the air vents in them so as to direct the heat to the occupied areas of your home. Heating rooms such as unused guest bedrooms, basements, etc, is a waste of heat and resources. When these rooms are in use consider using space heaters for warmth while they are occupied, making sure to turn them off when the room is empty once more.

Let Your Thermostat Do The Work For You

Invest in a programmable thermostat for your home. Rather than constantly having to remember to readjust the temperature in your home, let your thermostat do it for you. The temperature can be lowered during times when no one is home and increased when it is time for the family to be home so that everyone can be warm and cozy. Programmable thermostats work day or night, whether you are at home or away.

When the weather changes and your home needs to be ready, Centerville Heating and Cooling is here for you!