How Can Homeowners Prepare Their AC System For A Summer Vacation?

Jun 7, 2022 | Vacation, AC, Air Conditioner, Blog, Centerville, Maintenance, OH, Ohio, Summer, Thermostat

Summer is in full force, and your Centerville Heating & Cooling experts are ready for it. You probably have fun plans like summer vacation coming up. At this point, you probably are putting together a running list of things to do in order to prepare for your upcoming trip. As you think ahead and prep for your summer vacation, make sure to include your AC system on your list. It’s essential to set your system up for success so that it can continue to function correctly and you will not have to deal with any HVAC mishaps upon your return.

What Can You Do to Prep the Condenser?

Let’s start with the cooling unit. Before you leave for your trip, make sure that the area around the condenser is clean and free of any obstructions or blockage. This includes plant overgrowth and leaves or twigs that can be blown into the condenser fan. In addition, you should keep any outdoor objects well away from the unit. You don’t want the wind or rain knocking down these objects on top of the condenser.

What Can Happen When You Turn the Air Conditioner Off?

Many homeowners think that shutting off their AC system while away is the best thing to do. Presumably, it would cut down on energy consumption and help with saving money on the energy bill. However, this is not true! Your air conditioning system has the ability to reduce the amount of moisture in the air. So if you were to turn the HVAC system off, the IAQ within your home would be negatively affected. Humidity levels will be raised, and you will likely come home to overheated house plants, peeled paint, warped wood on doorways and trim, and other issues. 

What Degree Should You Set the Thermostat On?

So what temperature should you leave your thermostat on before you set off for your vacation? A good temperature range is to set your thermostat anywhere between 80-85 degrees. This will allow you still save on energy but won’t reap any adverse effects on your household. If you happen to have a smart or programmable thermostat installed, you can program your thermostat to change its temperature to coincide with the day of your return. If you have a smart thermostat and have the app downloaded on your smartphone, you can easily set your thermostat back to your standard settings from the convenience of your phone a few hours before you arrive back home.

What Else Can You Do to Prepare for Vacation?

  • Close the Blinds & Draw the Curtains – This will provide extra protection and keep the summer heat out.
  • Open Bedroom Doors – This allows for good airflow.
  • Unplug Appliances – This will help keep the house cool.
  • Utilize a Surge Protector – This protects your HVAC system if a nasty storm or power outage occurs.
  • Replace the Air Filter – This prevents the air filter from being overloaded and causing your system to short cycle.

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