Window Units vs. Central Air Conditioning: What’s Better?

Sep 30, 2022 | AC, Centerville, Central Air, Cooling, Cooling Power, Easy Automation, Ohio, Pros and Cons, Temperature, Window Unit

If you’re in a position where you must decide between purchasing a window cooling unit or a central air conditioner, you have stumbled across the correct place! Today, we are taking the liberty of going over each pro and con of using window units vs. central air conditioners. When there is a need to make a quick decision like this, it can definitely be overwhelming and stressful; after all, it is important to make the best-informed decision possible. Our wish at Centerville Heating & Cooling is that the following will be beneficial in aiding you to make the most optimal decision for your home and family!  


Before we go over the ins and outs of each type of unit, it’s important to be mindful of two factors you should consider when trying to decipher the type of unit that is best for you. These are efficiency and costs. You will need to think about what kind of cooling unit would suit you better depending on how much space needs to be cooled and what your cooling needs are. The first is costs. Too many people are scared away from central air conditioning due to the initial expenses. However, other factors, such as monthly maintenance fees, should be considered. Furthermore, if you need to cool multiple rooms with window air conditioners rather than a central air conditioner, you may end up spending more money. 


Let’s first review the ins and outs of picking a central air conditioner:  


  1. First, keep in mind that central air conditioning has the ability and cooling power to cool an entire home. However, unlike window units, central air conditioning does not keep you limited to cooling only a certain room. When you utilize a central air conditioner, you can enjoy the comfort it brings to your whole home.  
  2. As another bonus, central air conditioning is automated, which means you don’t have to continually turn your system off and on manually. Fortunately, this allows for an easy automation process that keeps your whole home cool and comfortable as desired. 

Secondly, let’s review the cons:  


  1. When going over the cost, it’s important to not think about just upfront ones. Admittedly, central air conditioners are an initial investment. But don’t let that dissuade you from weighing them as an option. Bear in mind that their lifespan and ability to cool your whole home are also worth the initial investment, so although initially, they may take a big chunk of change out of your pocket, depending on your cooling needs, they may be worthwhile in the long run. 
  2. The second con is that if your house does not already have ductwork and vents, you must have them put in before the air conditioning unit can even be installed. The plus side to this, though, is that your home’s resale value will increase! 


The following is a list of advantages of using window units:  


  1. As the name suggests, window units are designed to be placed on windows and thus do not take up much room. Furthermore, some types may be installed on the wall. This benefit is useful for rooms with little space or strange arrangements. 
  2. Furthermore, window units are ideal for cooling tiny spaces. As a result, this might be a fantastic help because you won’t need to buy a larger cooling system to keep a little area cool. 
  3. Window units are cheaper than central air conditioners in initial costs. 
  4. Some can even heat a space rather than just cooling it if so desired.


Here are a few disadvantages of using a window unit: 

  1. The window air conditioner may only cool one room at a time. Unfortunately, the space where the window air conditioner is installed will only be able to keep that room cool.  
  2. They can also be considered unsafe because they leave a hole or gap in the wall or window they are installed in if they were removed. 
  3. Finally, you will miss out on the chance to use the window the unit is installed in, so if you like opening all of the windows to allow a breath of fresh air, this may not be the best option for you. 

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