Residential Heat Pump Maintenance Services in Centerville, OH

If you’re looking for reliable residential heat pump maintenance services in Centerville, OH, our team of experts is here to help. Our highly trained technicians have the knowledge and experience needed to keep your heat pump running efficiently and reliably year-round. Heat pumps are an essential component of many residential heating and cooling systems, and regular maintenance is critical to keep them functioning properly.

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Centerville Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat Pump Maintenance Services in Centerville, Ohio

As with any heating or cooling system, a heat pump needs to have routine maintenance completed two times a year. Thorough research suggests that the difference in energy use is between a well-maintained heat pump and one that isn’t serviced ranges from 10% to 25%. A routine heat pump maintenance helps keep the system operating efficiently. It will also help prevent damage to the compressor unit and other components. Heat pump maintenance is necessary to protect your heating and cooling investment if neglected; this could cause a costly repair or the replacement for a new heat pump.

What Can Centerville Heating & Cooling Do for You?

When it comes down to Heat Pumps Centerville Heating & Cooling can service or replace your existing heat pump. We want our customers to have a lovely warm house when the temperatures outside have plummeted and when its blisteringly hot, you can keep your home cool, making sleeping pleasant and giving you a place to escape to when it just gets far too hot outside. Unlike other systems, heat pumps serve as your air conditioning and heating system. Thus, is why it is necessary to clean the coils twice a year as opposed to once per year. This process must be done right, so call Centerville Heating & Cooling so you can have peace of mind that you will have the proper maintenance heat pump that is running smoothly all year long.

Centerville Heat Pump Maintenance
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Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance

4 Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance & Servicing

When deciding how to spend money on your home in Centerville, OH you probably think about the return on investment. It’s not worth spending money if you won’t get any pleasure or value out of it. So, before you get heat pump maintenance, you might wonder if it’s worth the fees. Learn more about the benefits of maintaining your heat pump and find out why it’s worth the cost.

1. More Comfort

There’s nothing like coming inside on a cold day and feeling the inviting warmth of your home. But you won’t have that if you don’t maintain your heat pump. Without proper maintenance, a heat pump won’t work as well as it should. When the temperature begins to drop, your heater won’t be able to keep you warm.

2. Poor Air Quality

Part of maintaining your heat pump is changing out the filters. Unfortunately, not all homeowners remember this maintenance tip. The longer your filters sit, the more dust and allergens they collect. When the filters are too clogged, unwanted particles remain in your home. 

3.Save on Repair Costs

During a maintenance check, your heating and air conditioning service near me will prevent issues from developing. They accomplish this by completing a checklist designed to keep your system in great working order. If you don’t receive this maintenance, the wear and tear take a toll on your heater. At any point, it could break down. 

4. Lower Energy Bills

As a way of saving money, you can opt for regular heat pump maintenance. When a technician fine-tunes your system, they keep it working well. For instance, a heat pump without enough lubrication on certain components needs to work harder to heat your home. A technician lubricates parts of your system to ensure this doesn’t happen.

If you’re experiencing issues with your heat pump system in Centerville, OH, don’t hesitate to call. We’re ready to help!

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Customer Reviews

Our customers love the interactions that they get with our techs. Here are just a few comments from some of our outstanding clients.

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Kestin Howard
Kestin Howard
This was the first time I had called the company for service when my A/C compressor went out. He came in on time and was able to pinpoint right away what the issue was when checking the unit. The capacitor had went bad, but he had another one on hand that he was able to quickly install and test, which got the unit back running once again. Quick, professional, and knowledgeable, Hassan was great and helped me get things running again at a really hot time of the year. Will definitely think of them again when the time comes!
Nick Fantaci
Nick Fantaci
Very knowledgeable, and explained everything to me in a professional way that I could understand.
Celine Ledesma
Celine Ledesma
Hassan did an awesome job replacing my thermostat! He was very thorough in checking to make sure there were no other issues with the AC system as well. He was prompt and on time. After contacting the company late on Saturday they were able to fit me in the very next day. They have a good team of people.
Rob Bailey
Rob Bailey
I had a great experience with the replacement of our home HVAC system. The installers did a great job. The AC works great, just in time for a decent period of hotter weather. I'm confident furnace will work well come winter.
Jonathon Prater
Jonathon Prater
Called this morning to see when someone could check out our AC and they were able to come out today. Donnie gave me a call 15 min before he arrived and found the issue within minutes of being here. He stayed to talk to our home warranty over the phone and everything was settled promptly. Highly recommend this company!
stephen grossman
stephen grossman
Excellent service by Josh. Very professional and Knowledgeable

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