Residential UV Light Installation in Centerville, OH

UV Lights offer a great way to keep your home or office building environment healthy. As part of the HVAC system, these lights effectively sanitize indoor air and destroy airborne microscopic organisms such as mildew, bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. Not only does this help improve airflow in the space but it also helps decrease maintenance costs for the system as well! Installing UV lights can be beneficial towards overall healthiness of any living or working area — so why not invest today? 

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UV Lights in Centerville, Ohio

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UV Light in Centerville

What is a Residential UV Light System?

A residential UV Light System is an air quality product installed inside the HVAC system and they benefit the equipment as well as the homeowner. Years ago, UV Lights were only for special places like laboratories and hospitals. However, today we sell and install a residential line of UV Lights for protection against hazardous organic airborne particles. Residents who are vulnerable to allergens and other organic particles, UV lamps are very great because they kill these organisms as they pass through the light. They kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. 

Overall, ductwork UV Lights or Air Germicidal HVAC lights are designed to kill airborne allergens and pollutants making their way through your HVAC return vents. They are hard wired into the system. They coordinate with your blower motor, which means they turn on and off with it so as not to waste energy. We also offer Blue Tube UV Light Installation at competitive prices and they make really good add-on products whenever you go to upgrade HVAC equipment or have a home heating or cooling repair made. 

Benefits of UV Lights 

Cost Effective Investment

The use of UV lighting in your HVAC system will help you keep your equipment clean. That’s one of the reasons UV installations are so cost-effective. If you’re interested, we can inspect your home to make sure you would benefit from a UV lighting installation. The technology’s success depends on the power, placement and number of UV lamps installed and how well they’re installed in the first place. We offer affordable installation. The reflectivity of surfaces near the UV light and your home’s humidity and temperature levels also affect the effectiveness of UV lamps.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

UV lights are a great way to keep indoor air quality optimal and healthy. Not only do they combat pollutants such as airborne fungi, but also bacteria found in hospitals that have become resistant to drugs resulting in an impressive 97 percent reduction rate! 
Reduce Mold And Mildew 

Fungal contamination can spread serious illnesses, so it’s essential that homeowners take action to prevent it. An effective solution is to create an air purification system utilizing ultraviolet lights; this prevents the growth of fungi, germs and other disease-causing organisms while keeping everyone safe from potential harm. 

Disease Prevention

Residential HVAC systems have the ability to spread airborne viruses and bacteria throughout homes. Unfortunately, this can result in healthy family members falling ill too. UV lighting is a simple yet effective solution – it destroys all organic matter on cooling coils, drain pipes, and ductwork that could otherwise cause sickness within our own four walls! 

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General UV Light FAQ

Are UV Lights worth it?

With the right conditions and professional-grade installation from Centerville Heating & Cooling, UV lights in an HVAC system can be extremely effective at killing viruses, bacteria, mold, and more. UV lights are becoming increasingly popular for both residential and commercial settings. Although they might seem like an expensive investment, their many benefits far outweigh the initial cost of installation and maintenance.  

Do I need a UV light for my air conditioner?

No, you typically do not need a UV light for your air conditioner. However, if you’re looking to improve the quality of the air in your home, a UV light can be an effective solution. UV lights are designed to kill off airborne viruses and bacteria, as well as reduce allergies due to pollen and other environmental irritants. 

How do UV Lights work?

Breathe easy with an In-Duct UVC system — a process that uses ultraviolet light to sterilize the air passing through your return ducts. The highly reflective surface inside the section of ductwork amplifies the UV-C radiation, providing optimal efficiency and ultimate peace of mind! 

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