Do Pets Affect Your HVAC Performance? 

May 20, 2022 | Pets, Blog, Centerville, HVAC, Maintenance, OH, Ohio

Each member of your family has an important role. This also includes your furry family members! Having a pet in your family brings an additional amount of love and companionship to the table, but it also includes additional home upkeep and maintenance. Have you ever thought about the effects owning one or multiple pets can have on your HVAC system? If not, please keep reading the following information from your Centerville Heating & Cooling experts.

How Does Grooming Your Pets Regularly Affect Your HVAC System?

Keeping your pet’s shedding as minimal as possible greatly helps to reduce the chances of loose fur causing issues for your HVAC system. You can minimize shedding by bathing your pet and brushing their fur regularly. Do you feel like you’re already swamped with a busy schedule and have no time to add another “chore” to your neverending list of things to do? No problem! You can plop down in your living room and enjoy a movie while brushing your beloved fur babe. It’s a win-win situation as you get to gain a little more extra quality time with your pet!

How Do Filters Help with Pet Dander & Fur in Your Home?

Since pet dander and fur are the main issues that pet owners should be aware of, you may want to consider a few ways to filter the air and improve your home’s IAQ. Also known as indoor air quality, IAQ affects your and your family’s health and well-being. In addition, you should filter pet fur and dander as much as possible to prevent airflow blockage.

  1. Why Should You Use an Air Purifier? Air purifiers help to reduce pet fur, dander, and other airborne particles. Using an air purifier is also beneficial to those who have allergies or other preexisting respiratory-related medical conditions.
  1. Why Should You Use UV Lights? UV lights are a fantastic option for homeowners. They kill airborne bacteria and viruses by zapping them with their UV rays before they can circulate freely throughout the house and infiltrate the rest of your home. UV lights have risen in popularity over the last few years and it’s a no-brainer why.
  1. Why Should You Replace Air Filters Often? If your air filter isn’t changed every 30-60 days, it could cause a clog and, therefore, an airflow blockage. As a result, this can lead to problems with your HVAC system’s short cycling. Another reason you want to change your air filters, as suggested, is to keep the IAQ within your home raised. Clogged air filters will reduce your home’s IAQ. 30-60 days is the general rule of thumb, but keep in mind that you may need to check your air filters a little more frequently if you have multiple pets or perhaps a particular furry breed of pet.
  1. Why Should You Use a HEPA Air Filter? So what is a HEPA air filter? HEPA stands for “high-efficiency particulate air.” These air filters are known for their 99.97% efficiency rate and their success in removing dust particles, airborne bacteria, and other contaminants. So if you are looking for more effective ways to filter the air in your home, a HEPA air filter is a great option!

How Will Using a Barrier Positively Affect Your HVAC System?

Pet fur and dander can build up near your furnace’s valves and vents. If dust and pet fur buildup get near the pilot light, it can be a fire hazard. It would be best to keep your pets away from this area and keep it clear of pet hair and dust particle buildup. Using a barrier like a pet gate or pen would be good to prevent your pet from getting too close to the furnace. In addition, your outdoor unit also should be enclosed if you have a dog that likes to pee on objects. The last thing you want is your dog relieving himself on the outdoor condenser. So consider using a picket fence or chicken wire to keep pets and any other unwanted furry friends away from your unit.

When pet fur and dander are left to build up and unattended, it can lead to safety issues concerning your HVAC system as well as affect the IAQ in your home, which ultimately affects the health and well-being of those in your household. If you have any questions about your HVAC system or perhaps are considering utilizing an air purifier or UV lights in your home, give us a call. We will gladly answer any questions you may have or set you up for our soonest available appointment. Call Centerville Heating & Cooling today at (937) 353-1169, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!