Jan 1, 2023 | Centerville, Blown Out, Burner, Cool Air, Flame, Furnace, Gone Out, HVAC, Ohio, Pilot, Pilot Light, Relight

Got a blown-out pilot light on your furnace? Now you are left with a furnace blowing cool air, and you don’t quite know how to relight your pilot light. More often than not, furnace pilot lights go out due to passing drafts. So, it’s possible that your pilot went out without you noticing. Their flame can also be snuffed out when there is too much build-up and debris around the burner and close to the flame. So, if your pilot light is located at the base of your unit and it has gone out, try checking to see if the surrounding area simply needs to be wiped clean.  

At this point, you will still need to reignite your pilot light. But don’t worry; we got you! Follow these steps from your Centerville Heating & Cooling service professionals so that you can relight your pilot light with ease. 


1. Check the side of your heating unit. Generally, most manufacturers place instructions on the side of the furnace on how to relight the furnace’s pilot light. If you can find these instructions and view them easily, it’s always best to refer to directions from the manufacturer when possible. These instructions are meant for your specific furnace model, so it will make it a more simplified process. However, if you can’t locate the instructions, or perhaps the furnace is positioned in a tight space where it is hard to view them, or there is a lack of light, making the directions unreadable, keep reading the instructions below. 

2. Make sure you have a long lighter on hand. Before you get down to the nitty-gritty, you will want to confirm you have a lighter available that is long enough to reach the opening of the pilot light flame. You want to ensure that it is of sufficient length so that you may refrain from keeping your hands away from the flame as much as possible.  

3. Remove the burner cover. Most furnaces have a burner cover that is positioned over the area where the pilot light resides. You will have to remove this and carefully place it to the side so that you may gain appropriate access to the pilot light area.  

4. Turn the gas supply and the furnace off. Before moving on to anything else, it’s imperative that you turn the gas supply off. There should be a gas supply valve located nearby. Once you have done that, turn the furnace off as well. When the furnace and gas supply have been shut down, a crucial step is to wait for a minimum of five minutes to ensure the gas has sufficient time to dissipate. Waiting for the gas to disperse is a safety precaution and must not be skipped. Otherwise, you could potentially risk the safety of yourself, your home, and your family. 

5. Locate the pilot light assembly in the meantime. This is typically a knob-like switch labeled “pilot,” “reset,” or “off/on.” Keep in mind that wording may vary based on your furnace model.  

6. Follow this to kickstart your pilot light into action:  

  1. Turn the knob to the “pilot” position only after at least five minutes have passed. This enables gas to flow back into the pilot light.  
  1. Next, press and keep holding down the “reset” button while bringing your ignited lighter close to the opening of the pilot light. Move with caution.  
  1. The ignited lighter should spark up the pilot flame, and the pilot light should turn on accordingly. Once you see the flame spark, you may release the “reset” button. Your pilot light should stay on at this point.   

7. Wait a few minutes to verify that the pilot light remains lit. It will likely take several minutes before your vents start blowing out warm air again, and you once again feel cozy.   

8. Don’t forget to turn the gas supply back on and place the burner cover back into its original position!  

You have now successfully learned how to relight your own furnace’s pilot light. In our opinion, that’s a key skill necessary for every homeowner. Congratulations! However, if you are still having trouble with your pilot light, please do not hesitate to call us. There could perhaps be an issue with a component like a thermocouple, or maybe another system-related problem is at hand. Whatever the case – your Centerville Heating & Cooling family is here to help you conquer all your HVAC challenges. Call us today at (937) 353-1169, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here