Remedies for Solving Uneven Home Heating Issues

Mar 10, 2020 | Blog

Are there areas in your home where uneven heating occurs? When temperatures vary from room to room, it can make your home uncomfortable. If your home has more than one heating and cooling system, then you run a greater risk of having uneven heating and cooling issues. Centerville Heating & Cooling, located in Centerville, Ohio, has these 5 tips to help you correct any uneven heating issues you may be dealing with in your home:

Remedies for Uneven Home Heating Issues in Centerville, Ohio

Change Your Thermostat’s Setting

If you are experiencing varying temperatures throughout your home, check your thermostat and switch the setting from “Auto” to “On”. This will ensure that air will circulate throughout your entire house even when your HVAC system’s cooling cycle is off. With the fan set to the “On” position, each room on each floor of your house will have a consistent temperature.

Invest in a Zoning System for Your Home

A zoning system will heat your house evenly by using one of two methods: dampers, which are installed in your system’s ductwork that open and close to allow airflow and the various areas of your house, or a method that involves small, individual units that are installed in specified areas (“zones”) of your house. Each unit is controlled by its own thermostat. A zoning system will cut down on your utility bill by regulating the temperatures throughout your home.

Check Heating Ducts for Damage

If a seam in your HVAC system’s ductwork has become split or a hole has formed somewhere in the pipes, this will cause an effect that is basically the same as a straw with a hole in it: airflow is interrupted and weakened. When this occurs in HVAC ductwork, it leads to uneven heating problems in your home. This kind of damage poses a risk to your entire HVAC system. As your system continues to attempt to heat your home to the temperature specified by the thermostat it will become overworked, the motor will become overheated, and your system will shut down. This type of damage is often irreparable. Contact Centerville Heating & Cooling to schedule an appointment for one of our licensed HVAC technicians to inspect your system for this type of problem.

Properly Insulate Your Attic

Having the correct amount and type of insulation in your home’s attic is essential to keeping it sufficiently and evenly heated, protecting your house from heat loss, and help to keep temperatures consistent in warm and cold weather seasons. A poorly-insulated attic allows the temperature-controlled air inside to escape and allows the weather conditions outside to affect the temperatures inside the home. When this happens during the winter months, your furnace will become overworked as it tries to maintain the temperature inside your house to the thermostat’s specified setting. When your furnace becomes overworked, the motor will burn up, and your heating and cooling system will shut down.

Check Insulation for Effectiveness

Many homeowners believe that as long as there is some amount of insulation in the attic, then everything is fine. It is important to make sure that the insulation in your attic is in good condition, not too old, and of good quality.  Otherwise, it is not going to be effective. Check the depth of the insulation in your attic and add to it if necessary. If the insulation is old or isn’t good quality, replace it. This may correct any uneven heating issues you’re experiencing in your home.

Schedule a Professional HVAC Inspection and Cleaning

If you are located in Centerville, Ohio, or the surrounding area, contact Centerville Heating & Cooling to schedule an appointment with one of our HVAC specialists for a professional inspection and cleaning. This should be done at least once per year, and ideally should be done twice – prior to the onset of the winter and summer seasons. If your home’s uneven heating problem is being caused by an issue with your HVAC system, a comprehensive inspection will uncover the problem and allow our technician to repair it immediately.

A Thorough HVAC Cleaning

A professional cleaning of your entire HVAC system will prevent any problems such as clogs that can form from dust, debris, and pollutants that may cause buildup. When the air is unable to flow through the ductwork freely it will not be able to reach all of the areas in your home, resulting in uneven temperatures.

Keep a Clean Air Filter in Your Furnace

Along with a professional cleaning and inspection, be sure you do your part in helping to keep your furnace working it’s best. Check the air filter once a month during the season your furnace is in regular use and replace it whenever it is dirty. Airflow must not be restricted by a clogged air filter. This can cause serious problems for your HVAC system.

Wrapping It Up: Final Thoughts on Solving Uneven Home Heating Issues

If you are experiencing problems with uneven heating throughout your home, following these recommended steps can correct the problem. Switch your thermostat setting from “Auto” to “On” so that air will circulate throughout your home. Install a zoning system for even home heating. Inspect air ducts for separations between sections of pipe, holes, etc. Check the insulation in the attic and add to it or replace it if necessary. Schedule a professional inspection and cleaning of your HVAC system by a certified technician. Centerville Heating & Cooling is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are here to answer any questions you may have and to schedule an appointment at your convenience for a comprehensive inspection and cleaning of your entire HVAC system. Give us a call at 937-353-1169 or visit us on the web. We are proud to provide our valued customers with only the best in HVAC services and products.